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The Bermuda Industrial Union (B.I.U) was formed in 1946 and registered in 1947, it is a general union made

up of some 18 semi autonomous divisions.  Its membership is drawn from various industries, enterprises and occupations throughout the Island.  Predominant among its member are "Blue Collar Workers".

The Union has some 22 collective agreements covering its full membership and includes approximately 60 employers and government.  Some of these agreements are multi-employer agreements.  In addition to its main role of organizing and negotiating on behalf  of its members, the B.I.U takes an active interest, albeit without any offial party affiliation, in politcal discussions that affect its members.  Economically, the Union has encouraged amoung its membership to participate in worker enterprises, such as co-operatives.  In this category there are the B.I.U Taxi Transportation CO-OP for Taxi membership and the Credit Union.


Additionally, the Union owns and operates a gas station, rents the Liberty Theatre, several commercial units and bachelor apartments.







General Membership

In order to become a member of the Bermuda Industrial Union one must work in an organised workplace

and seek advise of the Union Shop Steward, or if you are in an unorganised workplace, seek Union advice by calling 292-0044 or visiting BIU Headquarters and ask to speak with any organiser.

All employees must pay a joining fee of $3.00 to become a member and weekly membership dues of $14.50.

In an organised workplace your weekly dues will be automatically deducted from your payroll.  In an unorganised workplace members will have to come in and pay over-the-counter weekly, monthly or yearly.

Associate Membership

Associate Member's are members who are self-employed or work in a non-unionized workplace.  The cost

of Associate Membership fee is $9.00 to join and $3.00 per month or $36.00 per year.  Associate members are not entitled to benefits outlined under Member Benefits but may be approved for other union benefits.



Funeral Benefit

Sick Benefit

Special Sick Benefit

Superannuation Benefit

Unemployment Benefit

In addition to Union representation, the Union has several financial benefits available to members.  The purpose of the financial benefits offered is to give nominal assistance to members in their time of need. 


It is recognized that these benefits will not meet every circumstance, nor will they completely fulfill all of your needs.


It is the hope of the Executive Board and the General Council that the benefits will be of use to you as a member of Bermuda Industrial Union.

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